UI improvement concept

The unconventional form to sell used cars

concept, prototyping, ux × 2012
  • 3 weeks
  • My contribution: created this concept of the form


The original assignment was about designing a form for a website hat specializes in selling used cars. The agency needed more ideas, so they called for help and several people were involved with it, so that the agency could pick one or more options to present and “sell” to a client.

After the first iteration, every designer came up with some sort of a standard form with lots of input fields, therefore

We were all asked to think again and look for a less trivial solution
It was a good design challenge to find an idea which is both realistic to implement and isn't as boring as a usual form.


The design solution was based on the idea that the client doesn’t want to go very far or crazy and needs something realistic to implement. Since just before I had been working in a startup that was doing just that – building portal to sell used cars, I had a pretty clear idea of what are important car features to display in the form. All the options were narrowed down to make and model, price, goal, age, options, ad time, mileage, state, body type and color.

This design turned out to be the one presented to the client. In the end it was still too radical for them to implement, because it required the whole web store redesign.