Sentiment Ninja

Mobile apps

The mobile app that does the sentiment mining on tweets according to a topic or location

mobile, ux × 2013
  • 1 week
  • In team with: Tetske Avontuur, Eveline Brink, Derec Wu
  • My contribution: Interaction design, front-end coding, UI design
  • Published as short paper at Desform’2013 (.pdf, pp.175-181)

Twitter is one of fastest ways to communicate what is happening with you or around you. After a long brainstorming we came up with an idea to show what people are thinking about a certain event or in a certain place. The result is a mobile app prototype that does sentiment mining on tweets and shows the ratio of positive, negative and neutral tweets on map and in a text form as a tweet feed.

We used Sentiment140—a tool developed by Stanford Alumni to perform sentiment mining on tweets (now only in English), Google Maps API to render the maps and cluster tweets on it. The UI was developed with JQuery Mobile, which was very convenient and time saving. This project was accepted as a short paper to Desform’2013.

Sentiment Ninja? That’s indeed a strange name.

The “sentiment” part, obviously, refers to the sentiment mining, and “ninja” came from the way the first version of the logo looked like — three stripes that resembled a ninja. Stripes had to go but the ninja remained in the name.