Tapp Your Music

Individual project

Prototype of the mobile app for a jukebox service for cafes and bars

concept, mobile, ux 2014
  • 4 weeks
  • My contribution: Use cases analysis, prototyping, visual design

The idea of Tapp your music was to replace or restore the jukebox in the bars. The app is supposed to show the bars in the area that match user’s musical taste and then he can pick one and connect to it, so it becomes possible to order music.

App works as a mobile jukebox with the virtual coins

Once user is connected to the bar, he can get the details about the it and see the list of songs bar is offering playing there.

The prototype for the mobile app was created with Axure RP for Android phones, thus the Android design guidelines were followed. The prototype contains a main scenario, when user connects to a bar in the area, goes to the songs list, add coins to a certain song and gets the song in a queue with the estimation when it would be played. Here are some screenshots of the add the music to the queue flow.

In addition to the prototype the logo and the icon for the app was made as shown in the image below.

TApp your music logo

The prototype was tested with users and got a positive feedback, but the issues with the music licensing emerged, so the project is on hold at the moment.