UXCamp NL – 2013

Individual/freelance project

A website and flyers for the coolest UX-event in the most inventive city in the world

web, graphics × 2013
  • 2 weeks in total
  • In team with: Barbara Wajda
  • My contribution: created website design concept, hand-coded the website, designed the flyers
  • uxcamp.nl

The UXCamp NL is a yearly event organized by USINET — the User-System Interaction alumni association. As a member of 2012/2013 USINET board, I was responsible for designing flyers as well as creating and maintaining the website for the event.

To promote UXCamp NL we created the flyers and gave them away while networking during conferences and other events. We came up with various catchy adjectives to drag attention to our event: the coolest, most fabulous, gezelligste, mind blowing. Each one of them was assigned a particular color to stand out.

The goal of the website was to introduce UXCamp NL and communicate all the necessary information for the participants and prospective sponsors, such as explanation about event format, time and place, registration and sponsoring options, keynote speaker and schedule. Since there was not that much information to present, I found a single page design the simplest and the most elegant solution.

The event schedule template was created beforehand and was updated at the day of event. It was very convenient for the participants to look up the schedule online instead of crowding in front of the board.

UXCamp NL was a big success Eveline Brink, UXCamp Organizer